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The movies and AVs featured on this website are mainly chosen from entries in the
IAC British International Amateur Film Competition and represent various standards in that festival.
Others are associated with the UNICA International Festival and online articles.
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Achini, Roland Maurice Maggi - Floral Anarchist
Adam-Stiles, Mat & Niki
From Ore to Orchids
Allen, Dan
Alley, Michael
Anderson, Hamish Flicker
Andersson, Niklas
Andrews, Rob Jon
Silent Torture
Anscomb, John
Captain Chuckles Circus
Edgar's Egg
The King's Wish
Antauer, Gašper
The Chronicles of Shupakface
Arndt, Florian Mindbreak
Arthur, Luke
Le Fay
Astin, John Hamburg's Wunderland
Secret Island, The
Steaming Harz
Tracks to Victory
Atkinson, Alan & Michael Ridgway A Dog's Life
Austwick, Julian Friends
Avatar Forum & Tree of Souls
Our Only Home
Ayre, Alex Going Pro
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B.F.V.S. (Screenwriter/Director - David Price Producer - Graham Egarr) Mr Wellby's Cross
Bagshaw, Paul Behind the Wire
Bagshaw, Howard & Jeff Mansell Special     (AV sequence)
Baines, Phillip (et al) Joanna
Balazadeh, Ryan
It Sounds Better With
Ball, Tom Alien Holiday
Nacho & Salsa
Ban, Attila
Banerji, Subhasish
Chance Meet
Barbir, Rino
Parallel Highways
Barker, Alfie
No Regrets
Baron, Sam & Raphael von Blumenthal The Futility of War
Middle Aged
Bartlett, Keith Land of the Long White Cloud
Bašić, Zdenko and Manuel Šumberac
Vesla (The Oars)
Bayne-Powell, Jeremy (for Surrey Border Film Makers) The Cube3
Beasley, Philip Man-Virgin Flesh-Eating Monster-Vamp from Hell!, The
Bellamy, Lauren Action Hero
Bence, Sue & James Chalmers Hitler in Liverpool
Legacy of the Revolution
Bentley, Geoffrey David Lewis Carroll's Tea and Excess in Wonderland
Berg, Louise & Sebastian Lindblad
B.F.V.S. Scriptwriter/Director/Editor - Sue Mansi Producer - Patric De Landre-Grogan-Smith
Thicker than Water
Birrane, Karl Electric Box, The
Run Granny Run!
Waiting for God
Blake, Howard On the Other Foot
Blandamer, Joe Gone Fishin'
Goth at the Beach
Blay, Charlie J Tabula Rasa
Blumenthal, Raphael von & Sam Baron The Futility of War
Middle Aged
Bonnyns , Herman Bilbao Roots
Borderline Shorts / Borderline Productions
(see also Vine and Webb)
Car Park
Bowen, Molly Jane Father's Day
Boyer, Alain
Breiter, Heinz-Werner
Chukotka - the Frozen Land
Brezina, David
Holy Spirit, The
Brezina, David and Pave Kopp
Propast (Abyss) - trailer
Bridger, Tony et al (Mid Wilts Video Society)
Experiments with Water

Brien, Nick
Broadbent, Oliver Man With Four Hearts, The
Brouwers Patrick & Thomas Bunink Road Not Taken, The
Brown, Alan
Duel, The
What a Mess 2: Attic of the Clones
Brown, Hugo & Alex Howat
The Illusion
Brown, Harriet White Noise
Brown, Xander Allegiance
Brunu, Marco Caro Albert (Dear Albert)
Buchlyvie School Children
Hedgerow Tales
Bulk, Werner Van den
A Bargain
Srehcteks Nabru eht Evil Gnol !
Bullock, Arthur Long War, A
Nia Hao (Hello)
Restless Wind, The
Bullock, Arthur & Colin Tretheway Mating Game, The
Mum's the Word
Pass the Parcel
Problem With Harry, The
Violets Are Blue
Bunink, Thomas & Patrick Brouwers Road Not Taken, The
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Caldes, Cornel  & Raymond Popa, Daniel Popa, Cristian Enea Irreversible
Callear, Gavin C Body Bag
Calvert, Laurie, Laurie Jnr & Jon Celeste
Ford Escort XR3
Human Fly, The
Undead or Alive
Wheeler Dealers Parody
Campbell, Alex J. Journey Home
Cantref Primary School
Mary and the Miners
Carswell Primary School North Street Grande
Caudwell, Geof At A Snail's Pace
Rhythm in Steam
Turning the Turf
Challen, Ben Flash-Back
Chalmers, James Eulogy for Mostyn House School
Requiem for Tin
Chalmers, James & Sue Bence Hitler in Liverpool
Legacy of the Revolution
Channel 7 The Death of Innocents
The Letter
Water's Edge
Chapman, Don That Saturday Last Summer
Chapovsky, Mitze
We Used to Touch the Music
Chendler, Mira Mr. Atse
Cherrington, Karen & Alan Robinson, Terry Tkachuk, John James, Neville Withers, Susan James Jubilee
Chichester Film & Video Makers Joey
Children from Escomb Primary School
Dead Heads
Children of Buchlyvie School
Hedgerow Tales
Chilton Primary School Day at the Seaside, A
Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears
Chocolate Films & New Horizons Youth Club Home Truths
Churchill, James Lifeline
Clare, John et al (Mid Wilts Video Society)
Clarke, Gemma
Closs, Jim
ECVS 75th Anniversary
A Useful Dog
Coe, Matthew et al What's It All About?
Colburn, Eileen & Tony Colburn Cunard Flagship
Pushing the Boundaries
Colburn, Tony & Eileen Colburn Cunard Flagship
Pushing the Boundaries
Colchester Film Makers Club Ransom Note
Colegrave, Alan Another Day
Some Days are Special
Coley, Adam Life is like a Shed
Colley, Andrew (et al) Joanna
Coninck, Guideo De Bilbao Roots
Cooper, Ryan (et al) Joanna
Copitzky, Adrian, Felix Faißt & Frank Kaya
Sprachloss (Speechless)
Cotter, Christina The Date
Crow, Jacob Superdog
Tennis Trouble
Crowley, Alex Cold Hearted
What I Want for Christmas
Cygan, Leszek Vampire's Shadow, The
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Daele, Franky Van
Life Sound
Danóczi, Andrej
The Ring
Daudelin, Pierre Nothing Girl
Davies-Smith, Albert &  Jonathan Light, Matthew Lee and Callum Lidington Wooden Walls
Dearman, Joe
Sedate Escape
Dellers, Saladin
Ich (Me)
Derby Movie Makers Situation Vacant
Designasaur Big Bad Monsters
Desmond, Paul
Out of my Head
Peter Deighan, Internationally Renowned Artist
Plough Monday
Desmond, Paul & John Howden An Edwardian Priest
Diaz, Pablo & Gervasio Traverso Copy A
Dimitrov, Svilen
The Air Ace
Donaghy, Mike & Alex Moran Chocolate Moon
Donaghy, Mike World So Cold, A
Donnelly, Nick Toter Soldat
Dressler, Philipp Sebastien and Christophe Hulbert
Crossing Berlin
Ducker, Geoff Around Our House
Dubois, Emmanuel Fridgemania
Duffy, Patrick Death at the Grand
Dun, Mike & Annette Lowe The End of the Pier
Duncan, Robert & Alan Fenemore The Jumblies
Dundee Camcorder Club Molly's Miseries
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Eaves, James Wormholes
Eckersley, Mark A State of Heart
Eden-Green, Chris Lineside
Edwards, Joel Vexation
Edwards, Philippa Aishteru
Edwards, Simon Benny Hill Goes Nowhere
Edwards, Sophie In Dangerous Waters
Egarr, Graham & Tim Smart Kabul Sunset
Elizbarashvili, Giorgi and Zura & Rati Tegerashvili
A Little Story About Friendship
Elliott, Anthony
The Wheels
Elliott, Caleb La Guitarrista
Ellis, Celine Don't Let Me in - Mia & the Moon
SNBSAC 1332 Scuba Diving Club Promo
Ellis, Nick et al What's It All About?
Ellwood, Billy Fires Went Out, The
Fixey Phoney
I'm What?!
Elstree Group of Staines Video Makers
Value for Money
Enfenjyan, David
Enuia, Cristian & Cornel Caldes, Raymond Popa, Daniel Popa Irreversible
Epton, John & Ann Cakes and Onions
Escomb Primary School Children
Dead Heads
Evans, Gino & Jason Hasford Bus Baby
Exeter Films Fiddler's Walk
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