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The movies and AVs featured on this website are mainly chosen from entries in the
IAC British International Amateur Film Competition and represent various standards in that festival.
Others are associated with the UNICA International Festival and online articles.
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Salmons, Brian Born to Fly
Sanderson, Liam Challenging Behaviour
Sardaryan, Nelli
Last Color
Sargent, Elijah Youth
Savic, Yuk and Pieter de Vos & Svetozar Petrovic
The Invisibles
Schiller, Ingo & Stephan Müller Bettnässer, Der (The Bed-Wetter)
Scholz, Philipp & Florian Gregor Clint
Schorn, Martha Indians-Cowboy Rodeo
Schuster, Angela Die Reise (The Journey)
Select Video Group of Amersham
A Clerical Error
Senior, Andrew
You Have Reached Your Destination
Sepi, Ionut
City Bike Life
Serné, Willem
Shankland, Graham Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf
Sharp, John
Biggin Hill 2016
Days Like ...
Shaw, Mike Picture Picture
Remote Control
Talking Pictures
Shepherd, Lucy
The Perfect Sunday
Simon, Charel
How Time Flies
Skoep, Filmgroep
Mol (Mole)
Slowe, Michael Flask Walk
The Last of the Wolfgang
Moon at Night
Oui Chef
Thump in the Eye, A
Smart, Tim & Graham Egarr Kabul Sunset
Smith, Eleanor & Abigail Harris New Girl
Smith, Oliver Dax and the Dangerous Dinner
Smith, Richard et al Experiments with Water
Smith, Tom Making a Go of It
Southport Moviemakers
Rise - Fall - and Rise? Of Lord Street, Southport, The
Space Between, The
Four Way Stop
Hey, Kiddo!
La Cantina
Sparrow, Katie Ripple Effect
Spence, Morgan Lego Jail Break
Paul Oakenfold - Who do you Love?
Spring, Jack
Doors Opening
Question, The
Spectator, The
Spring Park Film Makers Fair Exchange
Staines Cine & Video Society
The Great Director
Staines Video Makers If Only
Staniforth, Rebecca Turning Tables
Stannard, Tim Abseil
Battersea Dalmations, The
Day Out in Mallorca, A
Greece is the Word
Joy to Ring, A
Merry Christmas 2010
Race for Life
To Eleanor
Tudor Rap
Tut Tut!
Stannard, Tim & Graham Large
The Cloud
Starcevic, Tomislav
Hocu Bracu (I Want a Kid Brother)
Stenzel, Michal & Anna Kasperska Between
Stepney, Peter & Andrew Kent Hunter
Sternkiker, Hannes
Der Mond (The Moon)
Stojkoski-Pustorejanski, Bogoja
Help Me to Help You
Stransberg, Kina
Wonder Woman
Sumberac, Manuel and Zdenko Basic
Vesla (The Oars)
Support in Mind Scotland, Life Skills Project Drama Group You Cannot See
Surrey Border Film & Video Makers
Carbon Footprints
The Cube3
Not His Type
Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers Awful Truth, The
Decision, The
Guardian, The
Moving Oleta
Shout, The
A Clerical Error
Svobodin, Oleg & Anton
The Day of My Unbirth
Szwed, Beniamen
Rosa Alba
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Taff, John Courier
Tambascio, Irlanda
El Regalo (The Present)
Tamkivi, Norman
Tan-Jones, Ayesha
These Scars
Taubingerová, Pavlina A Little Cup of Coffee
Taylor, Alan LMS Carriage Roof Canvassing
Taylor, Stuart Lars Tango in PAR15
Waiting for You (and England to Return)
Tegerashvili, Zura & Rati and Giorgi Elizbarashvili
A Little Story About Friendship
Thompson, Emmie and Lilly Mitchell Goldfield
Throssell, Simon Encounter
Tinkler, George & Ken Geen Solway Serenity
Tkachuk, Terry & Alan Robinson, John James, Karen Cherrington, Neville Withers, Susan James Jubilee
Tondini, Matteo My Last Day at War
Toporan, Cristian
Dans Retusat (Touch-Up Dance)
Traverso, Gervasio & Pablo Diaz Copy A
Tree of Souls & Avatar Forum
Our Only Home
Tretheway, Colin & Arthur Bullock Mating Game, The
Mum's the Word
Pass the Parcel
Problem With Harry, The
Violets Are Blue
Treacy, Liam 925
Triga, Filmgroep
Tsz Yan Lo, Jane
Tutt, Alan et al One in 8000
Tweed, Andrew Ayrag
November Spring
Uttermost Part of the Earth, The
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Van den Bulk, Werner
A Bargain
Srehcteks Nabru eht Evil Gnol !
Van der Linden, Willy Breendonk
Master of Time
Vardumy, Vahagne
Lavash Song
Vats, Vaibhav
Velghe, Kurt
De Loods (The Warehouse)
Vernon, Paul Raw Spit
'Trail to Tranquility
Vigor-Salkeld, Dominick W.R.A.T.H.
Vine, Bob
Vine, Bob & Graeme Webb Car Park
Last Man Standing

Visky, Abel
Csobbanas (Splash)
Voice of Young People in Care
Vorst, Berry Van der Rex
Vos, Peter de and Svetovar Pertovic & Vuk Savic
The Invisibles
Vredik, Marian
I Draw A Circle
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Wales High's Film & Animation Club Positive Learning in the Classroom
The Test
Walker, Huey About Time
Directing Traffic
Long Walk, The
Susie the Spider
Walker, Susie Flog It
Winning Film, The
Walton, Charlie Electric Palace
Warrington, Peter & John Williamson Empty
Gunpower Plot, The
Webb, Graeme & Bob Vine Car Park
Last Man Standing

Webster, Malcolm One in 8000
Webster, Paula The Cloud Forest: a Special Place for Birds
Hudson's Patagonian Parrot
One Block Challenge
Target: 3000
What Does It Mean to You?
What You Looking At Film The Plague: A Chronicle
Wheatley, Chris Wild Africa Trek
Whitlock, Gary & Steve Jackson XYZ Files - the Abysmal Snowman
Whitlock, Paul Andrew Wongga Song Patterns
Wilde, Jonathan et al One in 8000
Wilde, Phoebe The Blonde
Wilesmith, Ross with Fay & Don Finlay Handyman, The
Willerton, Rod In the Docks
This Sculptured Isle
Williams, Beth and Andrew Kent
Marty's Project
Williamson, John & Peter Warrington Empty
Gunpower Plot, The
Willoughby, Nick & Sarah Robinson
Remember Me
Wilson, Jon M Continuation
Wimborne Minster Cine & Video Club
Montague Jack (trailer)
Winnard, Maisie School of the Living Dead
Teenage Domestic Abuse
Withers, Neville & Alan Robinson, Terry Tkachuk, John James, Karen Cherrington, Susan James Jubilee
Withington, Kyle Safe House
Woodward, Ian
From Bohemia's Woods and Fields
I Love You Truly
I'll Walk With God
LoveSong: The Triumph and Tragedy of Tchaikovsky
The Red Rose
Silly Robin
Too Many Ghosts

Woolf, Simon
The Bagel of Eternal Youth
The River God Mask
Secrevated & Surreptitional
Worthing Youth Media
Happy Cloud
Wright, Elliott D.E.B.T.
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XDL Antique Dealer, The
Brandon Lewis - Ultimate Exterminator
Places Please

The Prophecy

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Yan, Vahe
Yoo, Young Uee The Last Words of Socrates
Yoon, Hyoung Suk Coloured Glasses
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Zaramella, Juan Pablo
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