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The movies and AVs featured on this website are mainly chosen from entries in the
IAC British International Amateur Film Competition and represent various standards in that festival.
Others are associated with the UNICA International Festival and online articles.
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Mach, Martin
Reason for Smile
Macpherson, Peter Korky - A Life in Film
Salute to the '40s
Maestro, Jaime
Maison des Jeunes, Bascharge
The Golden Lady
Mäkelä, Sakari Pine Cone
Makkonen, Joonas
A Small Awakening
Malone, Anthony What's It All About?
Mannall, Lucy
We Are the Ocean - Confessions
Mansell, Jeff & Paul Bagshaw Special     (AV sequence)
Marieke, Job & Joris It's Not Funny, It's Art
Marshall, Gary Land I Farm, The
Marshall, Tom
Sky Hook
Marsh, Jack Residence, The
Martin, Phil Gentle Woman, A
I Just Knew
In the National Interest
Prodigy, The
Massey, Anne
A Garden for Sharing
Maton, Dave Spas Like Us
McGary, Keane et al What's It All About?
McKinnell-Harrison, Kelsey & Lee et al
Zombie Werehorse Gangsters from Outer Space
McLance-Lowe, Daniel et al
Zombie Werehorse Gangsters from Outer Space
McLeod, Isla Poo
McRonald, Ken & Jean Alarm Call
Here, Kitty Kitty!
Mendea, Codrut
What a Good Fellow is Uncle Sica
Mendoza, Debbie & Terry Shoot, The
Unlocking Young Minds
Mercat, Armelle
Two Cents
Mészáros, Attila Silent House
Michaely, Jörn White Collar
Mid Wilts Video Society
Experiments with Water
Mill Lane School, Chinnor Four Rainforest Stories
Rainforest SOS
Mirchev, Miroslav
Zu Zu
Mitchell, Oscar Lost
Molter, Joran
Full of Life
Tick Tack
Moran, Alex & Mike Donaghy Chocolate Moon
Moore, George George Moore's Jack the Ripper
Red and the Wolf
Moran, Paul
Green, Blue, Love
Mrad, Javier
Müller, Stephan & Ingo Schiller Bettnässer, Der (The Bed-Wetter)
Naße Zigarren für Berlin (Wet Cigars for Berlin)
Murtin, Vladimir and Filmgroep Triga
Murtin, Vladimir (QUADRIGA)
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Nairn Academy Animated Portraits
Neelish Films Homeless
New Horizons Youth Club & Chocolate Films Home Truths
Nkemi. Mdhamiri A I Know How You Feel
Norfolk Video Productions
Duty Call
Marriage Games
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O'Connell, Brian Petals
O'Neil, Neil Honest Thieves
I Let Her Down
Lonely People
The Magpie
Offer, Cristopher Life's a Beach - East Cowes Beach Clean 23/10/2016
Ogland, Per History of Sinsen Roundabout, Norway, The
Little Train in the Forest, The
Orpington Video and Film Makers Meet Dexter
Otlet, Richard Ernest and Pip's Big Adventure
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Page, Christopher (Rushden Movie Makers)
Autumn Skies
Parkin, Oscar & Harvey et al
Zombie Werehorse Gangsters from Outer Space
Partners, The
The Exchange (trailer)
Paternoster Productions
Chasing My Tail
Paul, Jacqueline & Rich Lyman Touching Cambodia
Peters, Finn-Halvar
Tarek Chalabi
Petrova, Olga
Petrovic, Sevtovar and Pieter de Vos & Vuk Savic
The Invisibles
Playmakers Films Oswald Dumper Goes Metal Detecting
Popa, Daniel & Popa, Raymond & Cornel Caldes, Cristian Enea Irreversible
Porkchop Pictures
Portaz, Alejandro
Porto, Emilio
My Children's Children
Potorac, Ovidiu
The Romanian Patient
Potyomkina, Olena
Powell, Seth Max at the Museum
Preston Movie Makers U482
Price,Aerial et al (Mid Wilts Video Society)
Primig, Dieter
Guantanamo Baby
Pritchard, Kevin
Kate Fletcher - Fire on the Floor
Prosser, Ron Letters from the Front
Pticar, Krunoslav
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Raja, Myriam Dear Diary
Rance, Luke Oliver
Redding, Lester Art of Glass
Reed, Francis et al What's It All About?
Reed, Ian Out of the Past
Reynolds, Phillip
Cut-Price Avatar
How Grandma Kept Her Cool ...
Ridgway, Michael & Alan Atkinson A Dog's Life
Rigler, Mark Motorbike Invasion
The Tale of Cyril the Squirrel
Roberts, John Acid Rain
First Light
The Girl on the Train
Meditations of a Lighthouse
Song for Someone
Thinking Time
Robinson, Alan & Terry Tkachuk, John James, Karen Cherrington, Neville Withers, Susan James Jubilee
Robinson, Sarah & Nick Willoughby
Remember Me
Robson, Luke
Rochdale Moviemakers
Roos, Tarvi
Little Things Matter
Roschild, Gaston Absurd Game, An
Rosling, Jon
The Secret
Rouillard, Peter Bad Call
Rotteveel, Willemien and Filmgroep Triga
Rushden Movie Makers - Christopher Page
Autumn Skies
Ryderup, Emil Gustafsson
It's Not You, It's Wrong
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