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The movies and AVs featured on this website are mainly chosen from entries in the
IAC British International Amateur Film Competition and represent various standards in that festival.
Others are associated with the UNICA International Festival and online articles.
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Faict, Samuel Abysm of the Soul
Amber (with director's commentary)
Faißt, Felix, Adrian Copitzky & Frank Kaya
Sprachloss (Speechless)
Fenemore, Alan & Robert Duncan The Jumblies
Filmgroep, Triga
Finchley Film Makers Finchley Cine Society - My Inspiration
Interview, The
Finlay, Fay & Don with Ross Wilesmith Handyman, The
Firsenko, Maxim
Flint, Jonathon Command - Option - Dump
Flippance, Tim
Ford, Mickey What's It All About?
Forstmann, Richard Watched
Fowler, Philip et al Experiments with Water
Fox, Megan K
Slow Down
Frank, Bart (Objekt Films) Joy
Friday Film Productions Buddies of the Alamo
Fuller, William Don't Turn Your Back
Saddest Lines, The
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Gagua, Dea
Galvin, Julia et al One in 8000
Games, Mark Anthony Human Waste
Love Left Town
Making of Mind Set, The
Mind Set
My Local
Silent War
Some Dreams
State of Mind, A
Gasparovic, Vjekoslav
The Opening (The Clearance)
Gauthier, Guy The Ghosts of the Great War
Geen, Ken & George Tinkler Solway Serenity
Geerling, Matthijs & Andries de Haan
War of the Galaxy (trailer)
Gerecke, Dennis
Fallen Prosperity
Gill, W. James Kelly Mine, Another Era
Goff, Matt Live to Ride
Gosport & Fareham Camcorder Club
On The Map
Gough, Linda and Michael Hooks and Eyes
Gough, Michael After the Bus Had Gone
City of Songs

Come Fly With Me (illustrated talk)
Empty Experience, The
For the People
Life Is...
Living in the Past
Looks Right (illustrated talk)
Olden Virginia
Right Background, The (illustrated talk)
Right Beat, The (illustrated talk)
Right Note, The (illustrated talk)
Rubble Bubble
Take Two
Using Image Filters in Adobe Premiere
Wheel Rolls On, The
Grant, Tony & Marcel de Jonghe Cumbria Past and Present
Green, Stephen The DMZ
Gregor, Florian & Philipp Scholz
Gregory, Max Dot Com
Grey, John Borneo Jungle Soundscape
Grodde, Fabian Crossover
Gronde, Thomas Van Der Passion for the Wind
Groskloss, Robert
Bengali Wedding
Grove, Paul
Paranormal Case 1: Davidstow Airfield ...
Paranormal Case 2: Harwich Redoubt Fort
Gruiter, Emile de and Filmgroep Triga
Guariglia, Sophie, Andrew Kent & Illy Kent
Hard Boiled
Gujer, Erich
Yannick's Luck
Gwinner, Alice von
One Moment
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Haan, Andries de & Matthijs Geerling
War of the Galaxy (trailer)
Haesen, Guido Vanishing Wilderness, A
Hamalainen, Hisky
Meet Our Bboys
Hand, Clive
Hero in Bronze
Hansen, Frank
Mr. Knitty and the Cardboard House
Hanson, Lee Breaking Point
Harmer, Geoff 8-Ball
Darker Shade of Red, A
Ghost Hunters
Karen's Room
OT2: time an' a half
Room 4
Harris, Abigail & Eleanor Smith New Girl
Harrow Film Makers My Mother's Friends
Harvey, Robin Akin
Hasford, Jason & Gino Evans Bus Baby
Hayden , Brennig & Lucy Lawson-Duckett Escalator
Haywards Heath Movie Makers Jim's Dream
Maggie's Secret
Red 7
Heimer, Christof Dentophobia
Hemming, Fay Alice
Giving Up on Love
Henderson, Karla Are You Alone?
Hendry, Alan Buddies of the Alamo
TLP (The Lennox Partnership)

Zombie Run Edinburgh
Henze, Lars Bushaltstelle (Bus Stop)
Hetherington, Chris Gambit
Unsound Mind
Hibbitt, Brian Computer Maintenance
Hillhouse, Scott Life's Little Gaps
Hills Lower School
The Door
Hoggard, Katy Angel for Hire
Holdroyd, Peter (Norfolk Video Productions) Duty Call
Holt, Andy Dragonfly
Holt, Andy & Helen Holt Shugborough's Kingfishers
Holt, Helen & Andy Holt Shugborough's Kingfishers
Hopkin, Joshua (et al) Joanna
Hoskins, Kingsley Copy That
Popping The Question
Howard-Smith Avoidance
Dark Horse
Goose Sauce
How It Feels
I'll Scream
Like Mother
Marriage Vows
Pay As You Go
Sons of Natalya Petrova, The
Too Bad
Where the Guilt Lies
Howat, Alex & Hugo Brown The Illusion
Howat, Alex & Joe Howat Like Father Like Son
Howat, Joe & Alex Howat Like Father Like Son
Howden, John Artist, The
Aubyns Reborn
Bedtime Story
Beyond the Garden Gate
Just Fuchsias
River Lady
Steam Fair
Howden, John & Paul Desmond An Edwardian Priest
Hulbert, Christophe and Philipp Sebastien Dressler
Crossing Berlin
Hulet, Katie
Second Sense
Hynes, Sean Feeling Good
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Ibberson, Bethany
Look Closer
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Jackson, Mark Ninja Man
Jackson, Steve & Gary Whitlock XYZ Files - the Abysmal Snowman
Jago, Vicky et al One in 8000
Jakab, Steve Making a Cup of Tea
James, John & Alan Robinson, Terry Tkachuk, Karen Cherrington, Neville Withers, Susan James Jubilee
James, Susan & Alan Robinson, Terry Tkachuk, John James, Karen Cherrington, Neville Withers Jubilee
Jang, Eun Youn Helping Hand
Jansons, Aris Amber in Art
Jeayes, Davin The Boss
Jersey Camcorder Club In the Trenche
Jeunesse Workshop - UNICA 2011
Banana One
Banana Two
Basket One
Basket Two
Don't Let Banks Die
How May I Help You

Love Money

Job, Joris & Marieke It's Not Funny, It's Art
Johnson, Pauline M. Glimpse of Dhanakosa, A
The Italian Chapel
Jonghe, Marcel de & Tony Grant Cumbria Past and Present
Joplin, Matthew Cutting Corners
Jukes, Eric Kiss Me Quick
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Kandelaki, Mindia et al
We Are Friends
Kasirabo, Pascale
A Lifeless Life
Kasperska, Anna & Michal Stenzel Between
Kasriel, Ken Exit Song (for Romeo & Juliet)
Kasten, Anna Rainbow Angel
Kaya, Frank, Adrian Copitzky & Felix Faißt
Sprachloss (Speechless)
Kent, Andrew & Beth Williams
Marty's Project
Kent, Andrew, Illy Kent & Sophie Guariglia Hard Boiled
Kent, Andrew & Peter Stepney Hunter
Kent, Illy, Andrew Kent & Sophie Guariglia Hard Boiled
Keshekashvili, Maia et all
We Are Friends
Khawam, Matthew
The Essay
Khutsishvili, Mariam et al
We Are Friends
Kiesilainen, Ismo
Adventures in the Shopping Mall
The Boy with the Eternal Truths
Kopp, Pave and David Brezina
Propast (Abyss) - trailer
Krasnowski, Nikolai
Krukowski, Kamil
Master's Route
Kudryashov, Andrey Radio of Kushan
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Labalestra, Vito
Cotton Adventure
e motion fragments
Howling with the Wolves
Quieta Non Movere

Labrecque, Shaun Over the Hill
Present from the Past
The Wild Misadventures of Jesse James and Billy the Kid
Lamb, Colin Yorkshire Sculpture Park
Lampert, Jill Barbary Macaques
Coot Watching
Johnny's Pigs
Little Shoemaker, The
Madness, The
Newbury Coat Challenge, The
Patient Fisherman, The
Running Together
When I'm 64
Who's Singing
Large, Graham & Tim Stannard The Cloud
Large, Teren Brandy 13:01
Law, John Tesseract at La Defence, A
Turrell's Celestial Vault
Lawson-Duckett, Lucy & Brennig Hayden Escalator
Lee, Matthew & Albert Davies-Smith, Jonathan Light, and Callum Lidington Wooden Walls
Leeder, Noel
Frozen Fantasy
Mendenhall Glacier
Lepus Production Ice
The Night is Falling
The Subtle Richness of Being a Newfie
Levene, Jordan et al What's It All About?
Lidington, Callum & Albert Davies-Smith, Jonathan Light, Matthew Lee Wooden Walls
Liebenstein, Jürgen Canon Rock - Old Meets New
Light, Jonathan &Albert Davies-Smith, Matthew Lee and Callum Lidington Wooden Walls
Lilley, Norman & Chris Days Away
Linden, Willy Van der Breendonk
Master of Time
Lindblad, Sebastian & Louise Berg
Littlewood, Bryan
Cote d'Azur
Lembu Gallery & Studio, The
Life in the Braxteds

Livewire Studio Origin
Lo, Jane Tsz Yan Cavity
Lockwood, Barry Would You Rather Watch the Fireworks?
Lojek, Dave Final Touch
Psychic Sue
Lojek, Dave and Team The Proverbial Luck (Das Sprichwörtliche Glück)
Lorrimer, Robert The Bear Behind
The Boot
Call Back

The Drill
The Egg
No Way Back
No Way Up
River of Dreams
Rock Bottom
Trap, The
Windermere Row, The
Writer's Block
Lowe, Annette La Fais'sied'Cidre
Forever Remembered
George's Progress
Let's Bring Back the Choughs
Pahar Trust Nepal - Visit of 2014
Safe Refuge, A
Walk to Karame Beacon
Lowe, Annette & Mike Dun The End of the Pier
Lowe, Tim Fitness, Friendship and GIGS
Löwe, Holger Aus der Seele (From the Soul)
Lowe. Tim
No Safe Place
Lubshina, Daria
Lyman, Rich & Jacqueline Paul Touching Cambodia
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